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According to Lyst’s quarterly fashion report , it’s the Gucci GG logo belt that reigns supreme when it comes to the hottest women’s products. Not only is Gucci having a major style moment as a champion of grandma-chic fashion trends, but the logo belt in particular is a favorite of it girls and models, like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who have shown the world that a designer belt is just the thing your look needs to look more elevated than ever, whether you’re wearing a date night mini skirt or casual cool vintage denim shorts. Related These Are the Top 10 Fashion Brands in the World According to the search engine’s data, Fila Disruptor sneakers come in second place, proving that nostalgia is alive and well. These dad sneakers have definitely been growing in popularity with the help of some higher fashion brands, like Stella McCartney and Balenciaga. And in third place is Gucci’s logo print swimsuit, which is basically a summertime version of their iconic graphic T-shirt. The top 10 list is an exercise in nostalgia, weighing heavily on the logo-clad.

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I throw out clothing, shoes and handbags I have not worn in one year, even if they have a price tag. There are, of course, some exceptions — items I treasure. Over the years, all my treasured items have come back into fashion. Therefore, I am not an impulsive shopper; everything is far too costly. I have to fall in love with the color and fabric and know the style suits me before I make a purchase. How do I know what to keep year after year?

Jan 11,  · Can anyone help with dating this Vertex watch for me please? It was my Dads watch and believe it to be quite old. It onlyticks for a few minutes and I’ve been meaning to get it serviced for years.

After years of resting in your back pocket, chances are your wallet is going to be looking pretty rough. And not just in the sense of it being cracked or worn out, as most men will often turn their wallets into these massive unorganized collections of old receipts, ticket stubs, and gift cards. They have a handful of different styles to choose from, but our personal favorite is their Bi-fold Heritage Wallet.

It can house up to six card cards plus it fits universally any type of currency you can imagine inside. Plus the construction has been well-thought out and the craftsmanship is near perfection. Their creative focus and inspiration comes from things such as vintage car design and industrial design among other things. In return, their Slimfold Roaster wallet features a sport and athletic-like appearance which fits the profile of any man. The Roaster is also available in your choice of black, cobalt, or olive top-grain leather which gives these white strips an even better aesthetic contrast.

Pics Only!!! Show Us Your Vintage Guccis No Chatting Please!

With thousands of hand picked items to choose from, style conscious shoppers can find the perfect piece for party, prom, bridal or holiday celebration! Vintage and retro clothing, accessories, jewelry, vintage Chanel handbags, designer vintage and more! There is great vintage for guys too! Bellwethers will be showing their newest collection at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show this weekend.

A vintage iconic Gucci “Blondie” style handbag dating to the s. Purse features dark brown leather, gold tone hardware, monogramed coated canvas, and a metal “GG” statement logo to front flap. Item features an adjustable snap strap and is marked “Made in Italy by Gucci” to interior.

The label is iconic in the fashion industry and known for quality craftsmanship. All products are made in Italy where the company employs more than 45, people. The company was established in Florence, Italy, in The year a Gucci bag was made can help determine how much the purse is worth. Buyers should be cautious of purchasing outside of Gucci as counterfeit bags are often sold. Gucci purses are made in Florence, Italy. Step 1 Identify the characteristics of your Gucci model, including the interior fabric of the purse, the plating in the purse, the purse’s shape and any designs on the purse, its handle, and any accessories such as tassels and metal.

These features will help you determine the decade in which your handbag was made. Step 2 Look for rounded edges and a signature push lock closure on the front of the bag. This is indication that the bag is a “Jackie” style purse and therefore made in the s. This purse was named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

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Alongside their portraits, the individuals were asked to bring an object to the shoot that they felt said something about themselves, to be captured in a secondary still life by none other than Polly Brown. Her personal object is a Venetian fan, created by Marta Marzotto, the late countess and art patron. Her poetics were dispersion. In fact, she was born poor but she never accumulated — she managed millions but never accumulated things.

I just like insects — and the fact that they are small monsters.

The name of this upscale vintage store means “I remember” in the Italian dialect of Romagna—a fitting moniker for a boutique filled with goods from as early as the s.

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Thrift shopping for vintage treasures is easy when you know where to find them. Here are seven of our favorite thrift shops in Philadelphia. We were more than elated when these Philly vintage store tips were submitted by EcoSalon reader Joanne Stillman. Vintage shopping is part skill, part luck and part perseverance, but you can stack the odds in your favor by hitting up stores known to always stock good stuff.

Here are seven of our favorite thrift stores in Philadelphia. For those of you located elsewhere, many of these also have online shops. Astro Vintage Stocked with unique finds ranging from vintage clothing and jewelry to kitchenware, Astro has a little bit of everything. The shop is housed in a cute little space and the owner, Karin, is very helpful and curates the collection with lots of care. Her particular fondness for 50s owls means you should keep an eye out for Betty Draper-style dresses, pencil skirts, cat-eye glasses and lots of, well, owl jewelry and trinkets.

Astro Vintage , S 5th Street, Queen Village Retrospect Retrospect has been around since and sells vintage clothing and accessories for guys and gals. The color coordinated displays feature everything from jeans and dresses to furs and coats to belts, hats, and sunglasses.

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Ever wonder what happens to your clothes when you just have to let them go? There are many ways to keep our clothes from contributing to landfills and pollution, and according to Dr. Clothing has an enormous, toxic, environmental footprint, one that gets bigger when it is unnecessarily wasted and not given the opportunity to live up to its fullest capacity through multiple lives, multiple owners or textile recycling.

Thrift stores are simply the first of many depositing and sorting grounds. Which part of the world they land in really depends on what shape and quality they are in when they leave your hands.

A Boss Opticians will be displaying and selling hundreds of rare and one of a kind vintage and antique eyewear from their collection. We have frames dating from the ’s up to the late ’s.

I have been wanting this bag for a while but Gucci did not produce it in large numbers and it’s a hard bag to come by. Love it but I do miss not having a cross body strap. Front View The vintage Gucci travel family! Here is an updated pic of my vintage Gucci travel bag family that I use quite often. It contains a carry-on, a large portfolio, a large tote and the large size Boston which I use as a train case.

They are all in great condition but I am beginning to see wear on the piping as I use them a lot. Yet, for being over thirty years old and being used so much, they remain in great shape. Love the Gucci of the eighties and believe the quality was impeccable from this era. I finally purchased a beautiful vintage bag from “Purse In Paradise”, an eBay store based in Hawaii that only sells mint condition vintage Gucci bags.

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Like a good boutique, we carry a limited selection of personally sourced stock. Each vintage watch we buy is carefully selected and individually purchased according to a number of key criteria: Each watch passes through a rigorous process of examination. We have an in-house expertise on the interior workings of vintage watches, which allows us to provide an efficient, professional and cost-effective approach to servicing and regulating our product, where appropriate, to ensure it is offered to the purchaser at its optimum level of performance.

This one is authentic even the movement is marked Gucci. Black dial with gold hands. Battery operated quartz movement is marked “Gucci” it has just been serviced it is running well and keeping good time. 2-tone yellow gold plated/black enamel case with the Gucci logo on the back and Gucci marked crown.

Yet, because of the many ubiquitous themes and designs throughout such a history, it can often be hard to contextualize an individual piece historically. While we can only speculate as to why, we know Chanel liked to consider her jewelry as a functional piece of her whole ensemble, so perhaps the lack of date marks was intended to make each piece of jewelry less of a stand-alone piece and more part of an entire outfit.

The first Gripoix poured glass pieces were done for Chanel around this time as well, marking the beginning of a three-generation collaboration. Ironically enough, the only pieces produced around this time that bore the Chanel name were not made by Chanel. This was during World War II, after Chanel had closed its doors, yet Chanel still protested the use of its name, suing the company.

The name was thereafter changed to the Reinad Novelty Company and they stopped using the Chanel stamp. While not official Chanel pieces, these Chanel Novelty Co. She continued to produce jewelry designed specifically to accompany her couture, often times selling necklaces, brooches, earrings, and bracelets as part of a couture ensemble, so much of the costume jewelry she produced remained unmarked.

Around this time pieces were being produced with the same stamp with an additional three stars underneath the name CHANEL. Pieces still bore the CHANEL stamp, but it was enclosed in a stamped circle with copyright and registered trademark stamps in the upper left and upper right corners of the circle, respectively. Necklaces around this time bore the same stamped plate, albeit in a different and quite ingenious manner.

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YSL creates Opium, and it becomes a best selling fragrance. Ritz faithfully preserves the old formulation or so I am told. Charles of the Ritz sells the rights to Opium to another company name unknown to me.

These vintage Chanel clip on earrings measure cm and are clearly marked with the Chanel stamp indicating season 25, dating these to the s. Authentic vintage .

But on me it’s just elaborate and overwrought There’s something sullen and almost recalcitrant about it–just sits there, refuses to open or do anything. It won’t even layer well with other fragrances Dec LisaandtheWord The bottle shape was weird to me, but then I noticed, the slant of the top is similar to shoulder slant.. I agree it has a beautiful ‘ musky, leather and woody base. I love this one a lot.

Nov lotus and jasmine L’Arte di Gucci opens with the most beautiful rose note that I’ve encountered. Pure, singing, rich and deep. After about 15 minutes the heart opens, bringing in a light LoV, warm narcissus, a touch of geranium, and soft, silky, breezy mimosa. The rose remains clear and true, but softens, leaving a wonderful scent trail. You know that saying about how little girls are made of everything nice? That’s what L’Arte is made of. This scent is almost magical in its complexity and balance.

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