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Fuel max gal, with useful load. The aircraft featured a bulged lower fuselage bay which held four cameras. Although jet aircraft had been introduced into squadron service towards the end of the 2nd World War, in the principle RAF long-range reconnaissance aircraft was a dedicated photo-reconnaissance development of the piston engined Mosquito. In the PR34 the bomb-bay was filled with two huge tanks holding an additional gallons of fuel and, with the addition of two gallon drop tanks on the wings, the range was extended to miles whilst flying at mph and 25, ft. The PR34 was equipped with four F52 cameras, two forward and two aft of the belly tanks, together with either one F24 oblique camera or a vertical K17 camera for air survey work. This task, invariably with the approval of the country concerned, involved photographing an entire country, enabling highly accurate updated maps to be drawn up by the Ordnance Survey.

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But a grizzly is much more fearsome than a polar bear. The grizzly has a shorter, thicker neck, heavily built skull and more powerful shoulder structure. Despite being a good foot shorter, the grizzly has a trump card. Their claws, having evolved as digging tools, are also unmatched at opening body carcasses. Sometimes, when the ice melts, polar bears have been known to be driven off by grizzlies, when they move south into the grizzlies feeding area.

Peugeot cars: Main Parts Ads page Bookmark this page! Ads are being placed every day, so remember to call in again to see the latest submissions!

The audience is varied with locals mixing with tourists and expats from all ov Telephone 36 Ngog Racecourse, Nairobi Clubarn is located inside Ngong Race course and is a very popular place among the local residents. It is partitioned into different areas, a main disco with a dance floor, level sitting area, D. J booth and upper foyer along with a pool table. The bar has 3 main sections: The outside terrace for cooling down in the evenings from where one can watch the activity The Simba Saloon has a reputation of hosting some of Africa’s best musicians in the p Congolese music in Lingala is played every night and is quite popular in the club.

The main dance floor on the bottom level. Music of all kinds is played in Pavement. It has also 2 bars serving wide variety of drinks. Gipsy’s is probably the most popular and well known bar for expats and locals in Nairobi.

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Charles II , King of England, James’s older brother, had named him proprietor of the former territory of New Netherlands and its main city of New Amsterdam , which had recently been seized from the Dutch. The ice sheet scraped away large amounts of regolith , leaving the bedrock that serves as the geologic foundation for much of New York City today. Later on, movement of the ice sheet would contribute to the separation of what are now Long Island and Staten Island.

Hudson’s first mate described the harbor as “a very good Harbour for all windes” and the river as “a mile broad” and “full of fish. Born in Santo Domingo of Portuguese and African descent, he arrived in Manhattan during the winter of — , trapping for pelts and trading with the local population as a representative of the Dutch.

The latest developments were announced by the Nairobi Town Clerk, John Gakuo, who confirmed that 85 suspects had been rounded up along Koinange Street, City Hall Way and City Market Street in the city center and Hurlingham area over the last two weeks.

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Shellcreeper In the game Mario Bros , there are enemies called Shellcreepers , who bear a huge similarity to Koopa Troopas, but cannot be jumped on. Shellcreepers come in three different colors to indicate their speed: The Shellcreepers were replaced by Spinies in most remakes of Mario Bros.

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If u live in south central ie. Juja, ruiru, thika, githu or even zimmer, roysa ama around hizi area contact me at vokekevo gmail. Hutaregret u met me. Proteins repress proteins and diverse proteins in distinct proportions of the numerous amino acids. There are in all 23 proteins in bread proteins. Out-dated of these, you command find 10 how the stiff of a lenient cannot synthesize: They are, consequence, called essential proteins.

The fuselage sine qua non be provided with the requisite amounts of these amino acids from one end to the other food. The rest of the proteins might be synthesized under the aegis the majority for all to see there. Alanine – The principle sources of alanine are alfalfa, celery, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, turnips, grassland bespeckle, spinach, plums, apples, guavas, grapes, oranges, almonds and strawberries. Arginine – The key options for arginine are alfalfa, carrots, for warning, beetroots, cucumber, celery, lettuce, radishes and potatoes.

Aspartic acid – The main options for aspartic acid are carrots, celery, radishes, cucumber, pile, tomatoes, turnips, lemons, grapefruit, apples, plums, pineapples, melons and almonds. Cystine – The uprightness causes of cystine are alfalfa, beetroots, carrots, cabbages, cauliflower, onions, garlic, apples, pineapples, raspberries, raisins.

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We spoke with Hannah Carter Owers of Universal Design Studios about the design motivation for the brutalist space, how they redefined the grand hotel concept for modern life, and how Stockholm and its citizens play a central role in its grand designs. What was the brief for At Six Hotel’s interiors? And how did you implement this?

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There is plenty of action to be had, and the girls here are definitely more sexually liberal and outgoing, but you still need to have a certain grasp of things before going in. And yes, Rio can be dangerous in some spots, but like most cities, a little common sense goes a long way. The game is a bit different here, and patience pays off big time. A lot of guys choose to visit around this time, and rightfully so.

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(Off Gitanga Road), Nairobi, Nairobi Lounge · Kilimani Estate · 20 tips and reviews Samis Samouil: Excellent cigar room, fantastic whisky choice cool crowd.

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It is my chance to editorialize with no limits and no editors. All of them, regardless of flavor. For crying out loud! That flat ass sucks!!! Both are wrong and neither are doing what we sent them to Washington to do. You just have to look at virtually every one in DC.

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Beginning in the s, however, water was diverted from its natural flow into and through the Everglades for flood control, agricultural, and habitation purposes. Headed by the U. Army Corp of Engineers and its non-federal lead sponsor, the South Florida Water Management District, the overall program involves, as much as possible, restoring habitats and natural flowways, improving water quality, and ensuring clean and reliable water supplies for both human and natural environments.

The scope of work included developing plans for monitoring and assessment of all CERP projects, project controls, meeting logistics support, design support, construction administration, technical writing and publication support, and management of a small-business subcontracting plan. Due to the great uncertainty regarding how the planned projects could restore Everglades ecosystem ecological functions, the U.

Adaptive management is substantially different from traditional project management approaches. Atkins took the leadership role in developing a project implementation plan and master implementation sequencing plan, as well as preparing guidance for project managers. These innovative tools proved essential for critical scheduling and processing needed for project completion.

Once complete, the restoration of the Everglades will improve 2.

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Entertainment , Gossip – Two men were recorded on camera inside a popular Nairobi club busting uglies – The video which was shared across social platforms elicited anger towards the two who had taken their indecency to a social joint A video recorded of two men bumping uglies inside a Nairobi club has elicited emotions of anger among ‘right thinking’ Kenyans. The video shows the two doing their business at a tight corner while checking over their shoulders whether someone is approaching.

Drama as lawyer threatens to have the body of the late MP exhumed The video is so vile we guarantee it is going to give Ezekiel Mutua nightmares if he comes across it- especially with his outspokenness against homosexuality in Kenya. It has become the norm for people of the same gender to hook up inside select Nairobi watering joints where the risk of judgement is low. Heavy security at the late MP’s Eldoret home ahead of his funeral A few weeks ago, two men were thrown out of a social joint in Westlands when they were caught kissing fervently inside the premises washrooms.

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Having access to the right information before and during an industrial emergency could save organizations and keep them safe and sustainable. Accident databases among other are used to provide such accesses. But, usual accident databases are lacking to provide enough emergency knowledge. This paper tries to improve the current process accident databases information retrieval through developing a process accident knowledge base PAKB.

Technological accident concepts and subconcepts were identified. Then, the relevant taxonomy for each concept was developed and the relationships among all concepts were formalized. The established PAKB could improve information retrieval processes, reduce query time and fault results. Despite customary databases, it can disclose the hidden relations among different stored data.

The accident knowledge base imagines knowledge epresentation and concept relationships that could help to understand the hidden relations among the needed data. Such features are vital in the emergency management. Systematic ontology development of accident databases. Expert Systems with Applications, 39 11 , An ontology-based framework for process monitoring and maintenance in petroleum plant. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 26 1 ,

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Some people arrived at the Egyption border of Nuweiba with the boat from Jordan without a CdP and this is their experience: Egyptian Carnet known as “Triptyque” It’s not that you travel through Egypt without a carnet. We had to buy a local one which is only valid in Egypt itself on the spot.

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Looking at a page of the national census for England and Wales listing families living in the 20th Hussars’ cavalry barracks in Aldershot, for example, reveals that the daughters of one family, respectively aged three and two, were born in Cairo, Egypt, and Norwich, England, places to which their sergeant father had been deployed, accompanied by their ‘on-the-strength’ mother.

The birthplaces of army children born between the wars, if not in India and other sunny stations, are likely to be those camps and garrisons where the British Army retained permanent bases and still do , such as Catterick, Aldershot, Colchester, Tidworth and Bulford. If the civilian aspects of life outside barracks, camps and garrisons such as the climate, the language or dialect spoken and the currency used can change with bewildering frequency often within a matter of months, but more usually within the space of a year or two the touchstones of army children’s immediate environment ‘within the wire’ typically remain reassuringly constant.

Over the centuries, the ways in which the British Army has catered for the families of its serving soldiers have gradually expanded from being limited to providing accommodation and schooling to supplying spiritual, community, practical and personal support and advice, courtesy of the chaplains, what is today known as the Army Welfare Service AWS and affiliated charitable bodies like the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association SSAFA Forces Help.

And when abroad, the challenge of living in an alien culture may additionally be cushioned by, for instance, the availability of certain familiar British products and foods stocked by the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes NAAFI ; medical and dental treatment and care; and, thanks to the British Forces Broadcasting Service BFBS , British television and radio programmes.

While the first image shows a line-up of army wives and children presenting themselves for a medical inspection and, by the look of it, a dose of some sort of ‘tonic’ before setting sail — probably for India — the second depicts a wife whose marriage had taken place without the army’s permission standing bereft with her two children on the quayside as the troopship carrying her husband and their father sails away. Both of these scenes are taken from “Tommy Atkins” Married — Past and Present, a composite print that was first published in The Graphic on 12 January click here to see it.

Left Behind on the Departure of the Regiment’. Created using watercolour, pen and black ink and graphite on thick, moderately textured, cream wove paper, it is now part of the Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection. Written on a fragment of the original mount is the following inscription: British soldiers were stationed at the camp following its establishment in until , and it was home to many of their families, too.

Newcastle Barracks was established on the instigation of Major General William Gomm in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains in , mainly because, at around 1, metres 3, feet above sea level, its hillside location was considered healthier than that of Kingston, where the British were prone to succumbing to yellow fever. My house was full of sufferers – officers, their wives and children.