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TimothyDeLaGhetto and his hot girlfriend have decided to break things off. Yes, his hot girlfriend Iliana. There was some rumors going around about our boy Tim steppin’ out with someone and it looks like he and Iliana have decided to part ways and call it quits. Which is too bad, but like Tim says – “It’s life.

Hey Guys! This Is Gonna Be Like Another Roleplaying Quiz, With Dan! Ready To Talk To Him?

Bieber has been the number one most subscribed Canadian youtuber for a long time now and it is doubtful anyone is going to knock him off the top of the heap anytime soon. I for one am getting a little bit tired of the over-saturation of all things Bieber-related but the kid from Stratford Ontario just keeps chugging along. He would have to get double the subs he currently has and the meantime Bieber continues getting a lot of new subs every week. Choa is known as The Chinese Guy on YouTube with his exaggerated thick accent conbined with massive attitude.

Straight outta Vancouver, Chao has a bit of a potty mouth, but he can be very funny. His 2nd channel, The Chao Nation is also doing good and is the 15th most subbed in Canada with a further , subs. Check out his most recent about Retaphin! FLuffeeTalks – FLuffee’s videos mostly have him sitting in front of his camera wearing his black toque with “FLuffee” on it and discussing oddball news items. Better than it sounds like actually.

He’s number 81 worldwide on YouTube and about to get his , th subscriber. Fluff was just about to get his K sub last July, so that’s a sweet improvement. Check out his 2nd channel ThisisFLuffee , with a further , subscribers. That one is up to number 41 in Canada although it’s been 4 months since he uploaded to that channel.

Personally I don’t really like all the various VEVO channels that are encroaching the top of all the different charts.

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He later began dating illustrator Charlie Belle in January Associated With He has been cited as a source of inspiration to many YouTubers, such as Dan Howell, who watched TomSka before he .

Our Latest Episodes Episode Color in the Queer Community with Melantha Hodge As Pride Month comes to an end, we chat with our friend Melantha Hodge about working in the music industry as a gay woman of color. How has it affected the way she’s been treated by men in the business? Why do certain cultures react differently to members of the gay community?

We also debate whether or not the LGBTQ flag should also represent race, and help a listener who doesn’t feel the need to come out about her sexuality. Society’s constant need for labels can pressure you to publicize parts of yourself, even if that’s out of your comfort zone. Whether you announce this personal information, or keep it private, how will you ultimately stick to your own decisions?

Thank you Vanity Planet! What are the ways we define bisexuality?

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Oct 24,  · Are Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) dating? Dan’s formspring said he was bi, and Phil’s Facebook said he was bi. Plus they’re always so flirty in their videos together and they always hint that they’re in a : Resolved.

Tobuscus And iJustine Are Dating?! Dispelling The Rumors “Intro of darkness, then redness, then whiteness! What are you doing staring at ijustine? Recently Toby and iJustine have been seen together in several of each other’s videos and that of course set tongues wagging and sent the Youtube rumor mill into a frenzy: When Toby was vlogging he mentioned that she had vlogged “the same thing” just before he did, so if IJ does post her version of the parking lot baby fiasco I will post it on here as well so we can get her story.

But I think this will be the end of it. After all IJ is my secret Internet girlfriend so secret she doesn’t even know about it but we won’t see them together again in another video for a while. Phil got the eventual winner correct, although I was rooting for the Steelers myself. Always gotta go with Pittsburgh otherwise Uncle Terry will be giving me the stink eye over the potato salad at our next family reunion.

Liked Matty’s answer when asked who would win Cowboys. So there is no way to tell if they are actually dating or not, although I think they are just friends, Youtube buddies, enjoying each other’s company. So all you fanboys and girls, relax. And unfortunately it looks like the Packers ended up beating Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, but my support for the Steelers remains undiminished.

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INK BLOT PERSONALITY TEST: AmazingCatisNotonFire ep. 3. The Forever Train. Dan and Phil ‘Friend Test’ (Summer in the City AmazingCatisNotOnFire .

Why does the phandom hate Catrific? I did some research and the majority of blogs just write it off as phan shippers thinking that Cat is getting between Dan and Phil. I dislike that she gets to act like a big, popular youtuber when she only has around thousand subscribers. I have seen youtubers with the same amount or even hundreds or millions more subscribers that are ignored and unnoticed.

She uses them as click bait. Her normal videos average around k views, videos where she has other, bigger youtubers, in the title or thumbnail get k-1 million views. Second, she defended a rapist. In that sentence she dismisses every victim and their hardships by saying that they are lying for attention. Obviously this frustrates me. They are sharing their stories of sexual and verbal abuse but Cat writes it off as girls making fake stories for attention. Third, this is much less serious than the others but still irritating, she uses vessel.

Catrific uses Vessel, a service that makes people pay- despite financial situation- to watch YouTube videos early or sometimes at all. This destroys the purpose of YouTube, being able to watch and upload creative content for free. Furthermore, she has uploaded videos with other youtubers onto vessel, despite their wishes to not be on the site.

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Having dinner with @catrific and @danisnotonfire in a sky tower! My drink has ‘salted cola’ in it and i’m eating an ox cheek doughnut My drink has ‘salted cola’ in it and i’m eating an ox cheek doughnut.


BUCKET OF DOOM with Cat and a Demon


Dakota Incavo is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Dakota Incavo and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the.


INK BLOT PERSONALITY TEST: AmazingCatisNotonFire ep. 3


danisnotonfire. about to get incredibly moist with @amazingphil.


Are Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) dating?


Find and save ideas about Heart eyes howell on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Phan, Dan and Dan and phil. Dan and phil dating; Danisnotonfire tumblr; Dan and phil crafts; Dan and phil games Omg jk jk I’m sorry I’m sorry I regret what I said I ship Phan so muchcatrific so much just because of her and dan being.


WHY WONT YOU REJECT ME! – Daniel Howell 2017